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Product History

Jackdaw was originally developed as an in-house tool by e-learning development specialists e-Learning WMB based in Reading in the UK. The system has been used over the last 5 years to develop many high profile bespoke e-learning projects for organisations such as The Home Office, NHS, Unilever, Merrill Lynch etc.

The success of the system has lead the development of a commercial version of the software which is now part of the Open Elms suite of e-learning products. Open Elms is the largest Open Source e-learning Management System aimed directly at business users.

Who is it aimed at...?

The beauty of Jackdaw is that it can be comfortably used by both novice users with no experience of software design as well as experienced e-learning designers looking to extend the system further.

  • HR can create e-learning from scratch by selecting templates from a list of around 100 different screens and load in images/audio/video and change text to suit their learning goals.
  • Learning and Development Departments can use the system to manage e-learning developed by their e-learning suppliers.
  • e-Learning Designers can develop custom content (images, videos, room backgrounds, loading animations, menu thumbnails etc) to produce bespoke e-learning for their clients.
  • Flash developers can use the Jackdaw SDK to create their own templates from scratch (no coding is necessary) which can be made completely bespoke to each client

The diversity of Jackdaw's user-base means that it appeals to anyone interested in producing cutting-edge e-learning.

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Talk to us about your development needs and we can perhaps suggest the best route forward, as well as giving you design and development tips.

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