How Jackdaw e-learning CMS works?

Jackdaw allows you to create e-learning that is light years away from the flat style of e-learning produced by traditional software systems such as Articulate, Captivate and Storyline.  Jackdaw images you are looking to a room or scene and in that scene the user can interact with objects and meet their learning goals.

With Jackdaw you design as you were a documentary or short film.  You design scenes, select actors and scenario and place them anywhere in the depth of the screen (foreground, background etc.)  The resultant training will be better at gaining and holding the attention of the learners and as a result be a far better learning tool (independent studies have shown a 98% effectiveness).

Follow these steps to create a course...

Jackdaw Cloud

Set up your company

Visit the company set up page.  This will give Jackdaw the information needed to set up a unique space on our server for your company and make sure that your courses can only be accessed by your organization.  Fill in these details and you will be given immediate access to Jackdaw online. Click to start the process of setting up an account.

Jackdaw Cloud

Start your course

Press the [Add New] button to start the course. This will open the Jackdaw editor with which you will use to create the e-learning.

Jackdaw Cloud

Add Screens

Use the Add screens wizard to add any of over 250 different screens.

Jackdaw Cloud

Customising Each Screen

Each screen can be expanded and customised in any way by using the visual editor to the left of the screen.

Jackdaw Cloud

Record Data Instantly

The resultant course can be instantly ran and data recorded (scores, status etc.) to your trainee population.

About Us

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