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If you see synergies with what we do and what your customers need, or you think Jackdaw's authoring system could be beneficial to enlarging your product portfolio, then we want to hear from you.

If you want to sell /cross-sell our products you will get a generous reseller discount. This margin implies active promotion of our products. Depending on the sales you generate and the level of promotion you offer, the margin will increase.

Our Requirement

We have reccently changed our sales model and are currently looking for resellers, affiliates and system integrators in the UK, US and other non-UK markets to actively sell and implement the services that surround the Jackdaw core offering.

We are particularly interested in Learning Management System vendors looking to expand their offering, bespoke e-learning developers and suppliers of services or goods specialising in vertical markets.

Products for Sale

Jackdaw offers the following products for sale.

Features Standard Lite CMS SDK
Add new screens to course y y y y
Customise background y y y y
Video streaming y y y y
Add content using Adobe Captivate/PowerPoint/Flash y y y y
White Label e-Learning y y y y
200 Free Templates y 10   y
Create New Templates       y
Discount on Jackdaw distribution       y
Cost $1499/£999 $599/£399 $299/£199 $22,500/ £15,000
Upgrade from Previous Version $599/£399 $399/£266 FREE FREE

Further information is available about the products on the purchasing page else contact us for further information.

Additional Services

In addition to the standard product range, a variety of complementary services are available which can be supplied directly through the VAR or sub-contracted out to Jackdaw at a discounted rate. These products and services include:

  • Hosting
  • Training (1 day course + workshop in using Jackdaw)
  • Bespoke Course Development
  • Template Development
  • Filming/Editing Services

Details of the prices of these services are within the VAR Agreement which is available on demand.

Course Sales

Jackdaw is supplied with a number of e-learning courses which can be purchased for use with Jackdaw or other Learning Management Systems. Resellers can even produce their own courses and add them for resale on the store keeping 70% of the proceeds.

Contact for further information about this offering.

Our Reseller Commitment

We will support you throughout the selling process, offering technical support to your clients and a platform upon which to demonstrate any of the above services.

We will enable you to use our client support services (including Twitter and Facebook) to enable you to keep an on-going communication channel with out technical specialists.

If you are newly promoting Jackdaw within a territory we will list you on our web site as an authorized reseller within that territory. We may also give you exclusive rights to that area upon making your first sale for a limited amount of time (usually 3 months.)

We will from time to time offer you exclusive promotions and offers to give to your prospective clients.

We will hold your hand throughout the process until you are up and running.

To receive the Value Added Reseller agreement please email to initiate the process as setting you up as a VAR. We will then give you access to all our sales resources including:

  • Sample telesales scripts

  • Sample Letters

  • Training in demonstrating the system and highlighting its benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions targeted at channel partners which may clarify this offer.

Contact Us Today

Please email channel sales to discuss this further else call 00 44 118 902 6825 to discuss this offer.